A. About the InvestDashboard.com Site.

The InvestDashboard.com site was initially created to help the creator and others to analyze and find stocks, investments and evaluate portfolios.

There are many features:

  1. Stock Screener with sortable result list to find winning stocks.
  2. Rate My Portfolio / “Am I Diversified?” to evaluate a portfolio and check the diversity of the portfolio.
  3. Browse Industries, and Browse Stocks by Industry.
  4. Search by Stock Ticker or keyword.
  5. Daily Accumulated News.
  6. Daily View of Market including lists of winners on 52 Week List, or stocks that have made a 52 Week High, and daily and 52 Week performance results of different sectors, and PE ratios.
  7. Detailed Stock views including an automated Pros and Cons list, an an explanation of different stock metrics to put it into perspective.
  8. Blogging including Market Opinion and automated Daily updates.
  9. Blogging and articles that may inform and educate.
  10. Daily Market summary on main page summarizing return, breadth, volume, PEGY ratio, and metrics which show whether the market is expensive or in a downtrend or uptrend.

There may be new features in development too.

The creator is currently creating a new feature that is research related.


B. How is the site financially supported?

The site is supported by the creator’s own money, advertisements, and donations. Any moral amd financial support will help keep this site going. Financial support would be greatly appreciated. Please see the Donate widget.


C. About the Creator of InvestDashboard.com

The creator of InvestDashboard.com is a Developer with a Bachelors and Masters Degree from the top Computer Science University and an Ivy League University. The creator has a great interest in the economy, stocks, investments, trends, technology, demographics, and sociology and is interested in the world and learning. The creator has written three articles published on the website TheStreet.com, the main page of the publicly traded company The Street (TST).

The Creator uses this site regularly to help search for stocks, analyze stocks, and evaluate portfolios. In fact, the InvestDashboard.com site assisted the Creator to decide to sell stocks such as Walmart (WMT) before it went down too much.

The site can also be a platform to develop new features and to perform potentially innovative research.


D. Visit InvestDashboard.com often.

Please visit InvestDashboard.com often, give suggestions and comments, and support us both morally and financially if you wish. Thank you.


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