Dow appreciates 143.95 points ( +0.68 %) to settle at 21,454.61.

The US Large Cap S&P 500 index appreciates 21.31 points ( +0.88 %) and is now at 2,440.69.

The tech heavy Nasdaq went up 87.79 points ( +1.43 %) close at 6,234.41.

Oil settles at $44.79 ( +0.11 % from last trading day.)

Gold is now at $1,250.00 ( +0.07 % from previous.)

The 10 year bond yield is at 2.22%. The interest rate of the yield has increased ( +0.02 %), meaning that the value of the bond has decreased. Increasing bond yield means that the value of the bond decreases and hurts bond holders but can encourage people to put more money in bonds for the higher yield.

NOTE: Some individual stock and collective data was frozen on April 28, 2017 because Data Feed was stopped.

The percentage of advancing stocks in the stock universe is at 29.38 % while the percent of declining stocks is at 63.81 %. Volume is 11.86 % % from the average. Higher volume means there is higher conviction in this (down) move.

The percent of stocks above the 50 Day Moving Average is 59.23 % while the percent of stocks above the 200 Day Moving Average is 61.10 %. The percent of stocks above the 200 Day Moving Average says that stocks are generally in an uptrend and not yet overbought.

There are 07.96 % of stocks hitting a new 52 week high with 01.61 % of stocks hitting a new 52 week low.

The S&P 500 return over the last 52 weeks is 12.50 %.

The median forward PE is at 17.19, the average 5 year estimated growth is at 12.80 % and average yield is 01.62 %.

The average PEGY ratio (PEGY = (PE Ratio / (Growth+Yield))) is 2.49. The PEGY Ratio of 2.49 is greater than 2 and the market is very expensive!

The average short percent of float is at 07.02 %.

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As of: Wed Jun 28 15:10:04 MDT 2017

Dow appreciates +143.95 points (0.68%) to end at 21,454.61: Wednesday June 28, 2017
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