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Important Update: Individual Stock Data Frozen on April 28, 2017

This site still works, but the data updates have been frozen on April 28, 2017. A good, reliable data feed costs money, and the data feed is not cheap.

The data updates may still be revived in the future, but only if it is worth the money and time.


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Stock Screener

Find and search for stocks using filters such as PEG-Y Ratios, Yield, Above Average Volume, Forward PE, Yield and Percentage above 50 Day Moving Average. Once the list of stocks is shown, you can even sub-sort each column.

There will be an option to select a particular stock and see the details of the stock including a dynamically generated Pros and Cons list.

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Rate My Portfolio (Are You Diversified?)

Enter several stock tickers, and this feature will summarize your stock portfolio, display the averages of the chosen stocks including average PE ratio, compares the averages to the stock universe, and the feature will even tell you what kind of diversification you have (Sector, International, and Capitalization Diversification).

There is also an option to select a particular stock in the portfolio and discover more details about the stock including a dynamically created Pros and Cons list for the stock.

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Browse by Industry

Browse the more than 200 Industries and discover the averages of each Industry including the average Price to Book Ratio, the average 52 Week Outperformance against the S&P 500 and many other stats.

Selecting the particular Industry will show a list of the stocks in the stock universe, including some stats on each. Each column can be sub-sorted.

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Blog Posts and Alerts

There should be Blog Posts, Articles, Alerts, and work by Gordon, who has a mind of its own.
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Daily View

What is Happening in the Stock Market Today?

This Page will be updated at regular intervals during the business day and show a summary of the day's activity including statistics on market action including how many advancers and decliners there are, and how many stocks are over the 50 Day and 200 Day Moving Averages. There will also be other statistics including daily returns by PE Ratio, or daily returns by geographic region. There are also saved lists of stocks including the Daily Winners, the Daily Losers, Stocks which have exceeded the 52 Week High or 52 Week Low or stocks with Above Average Volume.

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Daily News

Recent Stock Market, Financial and Investment News from the more popular financial news outlets.

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Search for Ticker by Keyword or Ticker Symbol

Search for a Stock Ticker by using a keyword search, or, see a more detailed view of a stock by entering the exact stock ticker symbol.

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Sample: Detailed Stock View of Apple (AAPL)

View a detailed, unique, and opinionated view of a particular stock.

Special features includes an automatically generated Pros and Cons list of the stock, color coding (anything bold could mean something special, something green means something good, and red means something not good), commentary on the different stock metrics, comparisons to the stock universe, and many more options. There are even unique metrics such as the PEGY Ratio (PE Ratio / (Growth + Yield)), and Revenue per employee statistics.

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Questions and Answers

Frequently asked Questions will be answered in this section. This section is likely to grow over time.
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To ask questions, offer suggestions, or offer opinions, you may comment on this page. Some of these discussions may turn into standalone blog articles.
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